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Federal Development Prototyping

IT & Cyber Security

Flight Training

Aircraft Maintenance

OTR Product Movement

In Process

Truck Maintenance

In Process

Airport Management

Business Consulting

supply chain

Supply Chain Management & Commodity Sourcing

capital investment

Capital Investment Organization & Optimization

Our Services

Management and Consulting Services Available Worldwide.

Product Development

From R & D, cyber security, and system integration to prototyping, we do it all.

Transportation & Logistics

Reach out if you need any size of freight moved.


Consulting Acquisitions

Learn more about our expertise in private equity, supply chain and security.


Systems Management

Grow your business through perfecting your internal operations.

Product Development

  1. Aviation STC & PMA
  2. OnAirport Construction
  3. R & D New product
  4. Federal development
    1. Military WeponsMfg.
    2. Private Contractors
  5. Systems integration
  6. Infrastructure Organizational
  7. IT and Cyber Security

Transportation & Logistics

Flight Training

  1. Fleet management
  2. FBO Development & Operation

Aircraft Maintenance

  1. All Piston
  2. Turban Jet – Coming Soon
  3. High Alt. Drone
  4. Minor and Major Airframe
  5. AircraftAvionics
  6. AircraftFinishing


Consulting Acquisitions & Mgmt.

  1. Airport Mgmt.
    1. Growth
    2. Closures
    3. Operations Mngt.
    4. Development
  2. Business Consulting
    1. Aviation
    2. Lean Mfg. Si
    3. Six Sigma Execution Projects
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Negotiation for Acquisition
  5. Private Equity Acquisition
  6. Private and Executive Security